Behind the scenes

Greetings all,
It’s about 5PM here at Fertile Acres Farm. I took Unc to PT, and delivered some rhubarb to a VIP earlier today. I then made lunch, and had to feed and water the chickens.
The rabbits, I moved to the next spot needing mowing. They are my maintenance crew out here. Since all of our working lawn machinery needs repair in one form or another, they get the job done for me and negate any imagined need for fertilizer on the farm.
The chickens today got a scraps meal. I feed them about once a week a meal designed to attract insects to the coop. The insects are their real meal, and getting rid of kitchen waste is a plus. I really want to get a bug zapper out there, but there isn’t any spare money for that kind of a purchase right now.
A bug zapper? Yep, would take care of flies and other nasties, and the chickens would eat the remains. Bug zappers also provide entertainment in the Summer, due to watching a particularly nasty one fry for awhile.
Oh well, life gets teejious. We won’t get the bug zapper this year.
I’ve been thinking though, the entertainment value… Hmm.
Before I go an open up my Amazon account, I’ve been looking into a few other changes I need to make out here on the farm.
I need a few specialty cables out here. I want to get the antennae put up on the roof. I need coax cable just long enough to make that work.
I need a networking cable as well. I want to move the office out of the living room, sorta. If I put the office in Unc’s bedroom after he leaves next month, I want to move the router as well. To do that, I either want to put the router in the attic, or move the router connection to the basement. Either way, I have to get either the phone company out here to move the connection, or I need to put the connection there myself. We will see which is the best long term solution.
I also want to redo the laundry room in the basement. It needs to have the old washer cleared out, but that has to wait until fall, when we start thinking about burning garbage as fire starter again in the wood stove.
We are also going to have to get a wood stove and new chimney. A windstorm that took one of our roosters also blew down our chimney. Ugh. So, during the rest of the work in the basement, I want to get ready for the new wood stove to go in. Personally, I want one that would also double as a cook stove, but those kind of stoves cost twice as much. Oh well, life gets teejious.
A riding lawn mower out here would make my work that much easier. I would want one with a trailer attachment. I could haul feed and water around the farm, but also bag grass to use as mulch and insulation.
Insulation? Yes, grass would insulate the chicken coop in winter.
All of these ideas take money that I don’t have.
All of these ideas take strength that I lack. Oofda. I’m going to need a crew of about 50 to get the work done/did.
So, I’m sitting here on the deck, dreaming. The work still sits and waits.
I better get my butt moving eh?
That’s all for now.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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