Hello all,
Louise here, for Walking Barefoot on Gravel. It’s been one of those chaotic days, and tonight, I blog from the deck. I’m being attacked viciously by mosquitoes currently to bring you the evening edition.
Today I took Uncle Ed to therapy and the Dr. He will be having therapy three times weekly, so that means I will be driving him at least 11 more times. It’s all good. Meanwhile, I need to squeeze in my IT work for a person in town during those times. I also need to squeeze my errands in on those days.
Change is just that, change.
Meanwhile, I brought my binder system with me to town, and began work in the car on bringing everything up to date. I’m going to have to bring more than that to the table though. Tomorrow, I’m going to have to pack my IT bag, as well as my binders. My “Office in a Tote” system needs some serious updating.
That’s all I have for now, I’m getting bit up despite a very heavy spray of mosquito repellant, and I need to go treat some bites.
I still hate mosquitoes with a passion.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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