A little heat and humidity

Hello all, it’s hotter than blazes out there. Okay, rephrase that, it’s muggy out there. My coffee cup has less humidity coming off of it than the outside air.
Steamy weather it is.
Inside, we are running two dehumidifiers. One on the main level, and one in the basement. With yesterday’s rain, well, it’s a little less pleasant than it could be.
My job of picking on Uncle Ed is coming to a close way too fast. It’s going to be sometime next week that he goes home. From there, my sister Tina will check on him every day, but he doesn’t need 24 hour supervision at that point.
The chickens are safe and cool in their pen. I fed and watered them later this morning than I wanted to. The wall of water that just slams you when you step outside is quite physical. Taking a shower is dryer.
I live for the night time. It’s cooler, quiet, and more pleasant. Come the moment that the outside temp is even one degree cooler than the inside temp, we open windows and start the fans running.
I like that. Usually, in the evening, there is the slightest small breeze.
Usually, in the evening, there is quite a bit of shade available on the East side of the house.
Usually, in the evening, we play cribbage tournaments, and so far, the games are about even.
That’s all for now,
I’ve got to get the fan moved into the kitchen, the air circulating in there, and my chores done did.
Have a great, cool, day!
Louise Ann Benjamin

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