Evening edition

It’s going to be a hot one tomorrow. Temps are supposed to be in the middle 90’s with quite a high humidity.
We are preparing. The house is generally 10* cooler than the outside. It’s even cooler than that in the basement. So, tonight, we need to put the fan in the basement window, and two fans in the upstairs windows. One fan upstairs will be blowing air out, the others will be blowing air in.
Hopefully throughout the day we can keep the house cooler.
Meanwhile, I goofed on my salad recipe. I put too much vinegar in it. I forgot to water it down. Damn, I don’t like screwing things up.
Brother and his buddy were here, and they helped with a week’s worth of work for me. They hauled downstairs ever so many loads of stuff and saved my knee a bit more stress. My right knee is killing me again. We also got a tarp over the chicken coop, which will save the chickens in the heat tomorrow. They went hunting for the racoons that were into our coop. They didn’t get any, but my main hope is that those buggers all just move off… But, they won’t. We’re going to have to just put them down.
He has hopes and plans for the future of those chickens, and plans for a safer coop in the near future. The good news is that the next flock will be much safer than the last.
That’s all for now, I’m going to just take it easy for awhile. Uncle Ed is watching the news, and Dad is taking a nap.
I’m going to be busy once the sun goes down, getting the housework done.

 Oh well, life gets teejious.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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