The emergency

Hello all,
We got a phone call Monday night that a beloved relative was having open heart surgery Tuesday morning. We were up before the sun yesterday, and on our way to the hospital before 6 in the morning.
The hardest part in this is the waiting. We were worried, and Thank God everything went well during the triple bypass surgery. Our relative is being cared for, and is a little ornery today.
Ornery is a good sign. Stubborn is also a good sign. I’m grateful to all the staff and the operating team that are taking such good care of our family.
In the next few weeks, our relative will be staying with us here at Fertile Acres Farm. I’m busy getting ready for the impending stay. Today we snuck into town for a brief visit. I keep my cell phone on silent now, because I don’t know when exactly we will be sent back to the hospital.
The one thing I made sure to grab today, was a Rosary. I also grabbed a Bible, and had my satchel of relics, medals, and scapulars with me. Little did I know that the Rosary and the satchel would be most welcome. Our relative is still pretty groggy on medication so reading the Scriptures is out. However, they can Pray. Their brown scapular is pretty beat up, so I “switched” with them with permission. I picked through my satchel, and we took all of the medals etc.. out of it. I put the scapular in the little satchel and affixed it to their hospital gown. This is allowed due to the severity of my relatives illness.
The scapular, worn at all times, is very important. So having one at the ready for my relative was a miracle. Having to put it into a satchel isn’t the norm. However, our relative still has many tubes and wires attached to them. So, rather than create a problem, the satchel helped. I explained privately to the nurse what the satchel contained, and that it is an important part of our faith. She agreed, and thanked us for letting her know.
Thank God I had mine on me.
Dad drove our relatives vehicle to the farm, and I stopped at a little Catholic book store in town. I picked up another scapular, and emptied out another satchel from my purse, and placed all my medals and such with the scapular in it. I have an additional scapular, a green scapular for healing that I’m going to give our relative that is for healing. are prayers that go with it. I’m sure that our relation will be fine with it.
That’s all I have for now. Our relation is resting, and I have chores to do, so I have to get back to work. That’s all.


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