20150107 Night Edition

I’m listening to “Let it go”. This song has been rolling through my head for days. I finally just bought it on ITunes. I love it but need to purge it from my brain. Listening to it repeatedly is the only way I know of to do this. 

Pain levels kept me home today. Only thing I did was feed/water the birds, rabbits, and men. 
Eating makes the pain worse. 
Made a spring stew for the fellas tonight. Sliced spuds into the crockpot. Added spices, fresh Swiss Chard, carrots, cabbage, a little Sauer Kraut. Topped with pork steaks and red onions grilled on the Panini press. 
It was good but hurts like hell. 
Oh well, life gets Teejious 
Have a good night
Louise Ann Benjamin 

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