20152906 Midday Edition

Hello all,
Dad and I have been busy. We had errands this morning that could not be put off another day, so we got up well before I was ready, and hit the road. I’m dressed in what could best be described as my best business or funeral attire. Sadly, it is black, and doesn’t breathe. I do not recommend wearing basic black with no breathing ability on a 80* day. It’s miserable. Since the care doesn’t have A/C, I was sweating buckets by the time we were done. The only caveat I have when wearing business attire is that I won’t wear high heels unless demanded by circumstances. Today, circumstances didn’t warrant that drastic measure. I’m so grateful.
However, we have our town chores done for the day, and I can finally relax. Maybe tonight I will get some sleep. One thing I do know, is that my pain level has eased up quite a bit. I’m much more comfortable now than I have been in days. In the last two nights, I’ve had 6 hours total of sleep. One thing, as miserable as I am, the stress level is dramatically decreased, and my abdomen doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it usually does.
Next on the agenda is making a bit of Dinner, and throwing Supper in the crock pot on the deck. I’m also going to get some bread started for tomorrow morning, so that we can have some good wholesome yummy to make our world better. Also, there are farm chores to do, and in the clothes I am in, well- it just doesn’t work for feeding the chickens and rabbits, let alone weeding the garden.
By the way, we do have some chickens ready to butcher, and I’ve got to get the butchering area set up. It’s also my laundry zone, so you have an idea of what is involved.
Well, I have to get back to work, take care all.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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