20152906 Afternoon Edition

Hello all,
It’s almost 6PM here on the farm. The critters are fed, watered, and ornery. Bo had to help me get the chickens watered. She guarded the gate to make sure that pesky rooster didn’t come out. I was grateful. Feeding and watering the birds takes allot outta a body. I’m whipped.
The pain levels are low enough that I am able to head in and do town work on Wednesday. I’m still in pain, but as far as I can tell, the town work is going to be mostly computer work. I believe a few irises were mentioned, but I can get those done carefully in the early morning.
Dad just came in and announced that we have two missing screws. That’s nothing new. We always have a few screws loose around here. We do have the black eyed peas up, most of the blue hubbard squash came up, and the weeds are about 6 feet tall in the garden.
Dad’s been helping all week in Garretson since the storm. The only days he didn’t go in were yesterday and today. One thing I have noticed, helping others is making him more spry, maybe a little more mischievous. That’s a good thing. I’m thinking that we could work with this.
Other than that, there are many things to do yet today, and we can’t open the windows yet. In fact, going outside to smoke a cigarette is a punishment in itself. It’s too humid, too sticky and too hot to breathe. I tease my cousin Bob down in Arizona about the heat he gets, but he’s not willing to come up here to face the humidity. I don’t blame him. I don’t want to here.
We keep the dehumidifier running once the temps get to be about 50* at night. However, laying down or sitting next to a panting dog is a misery. She can’t help it, but Lordy.
I’m rambling at this point, so I better get this one out to the Blog.
Have a great Afternoon,
Louise Ann Benjamin


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