20152706 Morning Edition

More computer bugs
Good Morning,
I’ve been busy so far trying to get my laptop up to date. The machine is my 8+ Windows machine. What’s going on you ask? Well, Blogger, my host wants Chrome. Chrome downloaded a bug yesterday to two laptops…
You see my problem. I’m working on a solution, but if you don’t see much of me, then you know that in the background I’m swearing at an evil hunk of metal and plastic.
There are times when I ask, “Why in the hell did I become a Geek?” Why did I spend thousands of hard-earned dollars on internet, computers, smart phones and the like? Today, I can’t imagine life without a computer. However, there are days, like today, when my frustration level makes the stomach problems that much worse.
We won’t speak of the stomach problems in this morning edition.
The house is down to 72* right now on average. We just have everything closed up, and before long, I will start the box fans on the main level. Today I wanted to get this and this and that done, but things are on a hold for now.
Meanwhile, while it’s cool enough, no matter how crummy I feel, the chickens and the rabbits need food and water. It’s not their fault what is going on, and they can’t water or feed themselves. I’m thinking of getting a bug zapper though. Putting it over the chicken pen and letting it run all night every night.
Who knows, it might help.
Working on computers for others, I’m supposed to be confident and reassuring. When my computer catches a bug, well, I cuss and get very frustrated. The computer is a lovely device, but at this point, all the electronics in the house seem to take more time and money than I’m willing to deal with.
In other news, I did get a wee bit of work done yesterday. I’m going to be trying to get a wee bit more done today. It’s time to move the kitchen out to the deck. Every bit of cooking I can do out there saves me work and effort on keeping the house cool during the day. Even the microwave puts too much heat into the house.
On the deck, we cook with electricity, and or maybe charcoal/wood. We use a natural homemade coal, the Dad produces every winter from the wood stove. We get it when we have to smother a fire in the stove due to carbon monoxide readings.
In the winter, the carbon monoxide detector is our best friend. It keeps witness to what is happening in the house, and makes sure that everything is running correctly. The one in the dining room also detects gas, which is a major boon when our gas stove acts up. I wouldn’t want to have a candle running when the stove starts leaking.
That little gadget, the detector, is the one thing we buy special batteries for, and are more vigilant with it than I am with my car, or even my blood sugar monitor.
So, I suppose I had better get back to work. Dad is outside already, and I want to get the chickens fed and watered before the heat makes going outside a nasty proposition.
That’s all for now, take care,
Louise Ann Benjamin

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