20152606 Evening Edition

Between the mosquito, a computer virus, and the belly it has been a rough day. I’m ready for bed, and actually just got up to grab Dad a bedtime snack. I’m out on the deck, and for now the demonic little bloodsuckers are leaving me alone. 

To bring you up to date. Both computers got a bug through Google Chrome. Since I had linked my machines via one log in, this made the afternoon a living hell. I got the first one fixed, a Windows 8+ model that I haven’t had a problem with yet, I thought. However the fun was just beginning. In working on the second machine I found another bug had attached itself to both. So back to the drawing board. 
It took about 4 hours until I was satisfied that they were clean again when my belly gave me a ‘signal’. I ignored it, because Dad had just gone to the bathroom. By the time he exited, I had grabbed a change of clothes and the laptop I was working on and announced that I was grabbing a shower. About ten minutes later, I was able to relax for a long hot shower and my clothes were in the laundry soaking. I had to observe the scan, so I set the machine on the counter while I was busy. 
My body decided an hour later that it was ice cold in 78* temperature so I wrapped up in a sleeping bag and curled up on the deck with a book. Soon enough I just hit the bed, and again my body couldn’t make up my mind.  It was way too hot. 
My sister called because I relayed the message that I couldn’t make it for tech support work tomorrow, and I finally drifted into sleep. Then not just a phone call woke me, but soon after Dad did looking for his snack. 
No rest for the wicked eh? I’m spending the day as close to bed as I can tomorrow and focusing on getting better. 
I will write more in the morning, take care,
Louise Ann Benjamin 

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