Morning edition

Good Morning,
It’s almost 9:30 here on the farm. Dad’s up and ready to get to work here, and I’m not quite dressed yet. I have quite a bit to do before we head to Garretson this evening to help out.
The sun is shining, and Dad is listening to Roseanne Cash on the record player. His music collection is quite eclectic. Although in the Summer, he has a hard time drowning out the birdsong coming in from outside.
Actually, yesterday, I spent quite a few hours outside on the deck listening to the birds. My body said, “Hit the recliner” so I did. We have a geriatric recliner that I bought at an auction out there that is water proof. It’s my go to place when I am in pain. I don’t dare move it into the house, or I wouldn’t get any sun at all.
I’m naturally as white as a sheet or a refrigerator door during the winter time. In the summer, I’m quite freckled, and my arms have the traditional farmer tan. My legs are still pale, but that’s the way it goes.
I’m going to be working inside though today. There still is so much to do, and we are having the family out on the farm here this Fall. I want the house to be not pretty, but comfy. It’s a lot of work, but that’s okay. Everything from washing and re-gluing wallpaper to organizing and cleaning the basement needs to be done.
I’m not sure yet who is all coming, but the family is huge, so I’m going to be prepared for the onslaught.
Other than that, I have to get things cleaned up and ready for the freezing and preserving season. I know why they did Spring cleaning in the old days, it was to clean the house after being shut in all Winter. However, I’m a little odd. I want the house cleaned to be ready to be shut in all Winter.
Can you tell I miss Winter?
Yesterday I got bit by probably 20 mosquitoes. Yes, those demonic little bugs that leave large bumps on the arms. It was bad enough that I looked on Amazon for repellent. I’m allergic to most repellents, so we will see.
I also have to get the camper cleaned out this week. After the chaos and distraction of the last few days, I still don’t have it cleared, and sometimes I need to head out there to grab a few things. Not good. So, it’s going to happen.
I haven’t been heading to Sioux Falls lately, and I probably won’t until the work in the house gets up to speed. There is laundry to do yet, and I’m at the point that I have got to just get the work done.
So, why am I sitting here and writing with everything that needs to be done?
I have scheduled my day around the writing.
That’s all I have for now, I’ll bring you up to speed tonight.
Louise Ann Lathrop


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