Afternoon Edition

Sitting here listening to some good Country Music here at the farm. Dad’s in Garretson, helping out with the cleanup. I stayed home just to keep busy here on the farm. I have so much to do, but Music seems to be about my speed here..
I received a phone call this morning, and it sent me for a loop. I just can’t think or deal with it yet, so I’m doing what’s in front of me to do.
Listening to “I Hold On” right now. I’m at the point that anything sounds good. I’d learned years ago that if I don’t listen to music, I get really out of my mind. I was raised on Kenny, Marty, the Statlers, Dolly, Willie, Waylon, Johnny and Kris. Merle and Hank were given to me with my baby bottle. Music, while I can’t sing a note is in my blood, more so than red and white cells.
Sundays, after church, with Dinner in our bellies, and Music on the record player are among my favorite memories. Music helps me laugh, cry, grieve, and live. It just is the way it is.
Pain is another thing Music just helps me with.
For years now, I’ve been in constant pain. There are days when the body just says “Oh hell no!” I’ve spent many hours curled up in bed, because of the pain. The music, helps more than any of the “magic pills” the Dr prescribes.
What I listen to depends entirely on my mood. Today, it’s breakup songs. Later, it may be get up and move your tail songs. It really depends on what needs to be done.
In other news, break is over, so I’ve got to get back to work.
Have a good afternoon,
Louise Ann Lathrop


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