Good Morning,

The bee is buzzing, the birds are singing, and I’m not quite awake yet.
By bee, I mean the only bee I have seen this year.  She lives somewhere close, because she’s my constant companion on the deck. Since she is a bumble bee, and a beautiful one at that, I’m leaving her alone.
The boys are still in the camper. I snuck into the house late last night, due to way too much koolaide yesterday. I really don’t want to have to climb over the boys everytime I need to use the jakes. Hubsy was sound asleep in the bunk, and Beamer sleeps directly in front of the bathroom door.
A really full bladder does not make that an easy trip, or fall. I’m not sure what to do here. Hubsy won’t sleep thinking that Beamer is out in the camper alone. I’m sick of the camper except as an outdoor office. Yes, it is cooler at night. Yes, it is this or that. I’m over sleeping in the camper.
Hubsy, well, we’ll talk about it one of these days. I’m thinking of moving completely back into the house and saying chuck it to the camper life.
We will see.
Meanwhile, the rummage sale, if the last two days are an example was a complete bust. My brother helped me schlepp some of the stuff to under the yard light to make it more obvious that yes, this is the correct place. However, that’s not a continual option.
I think I’m done schlepping crap around the yard.
I’m going to pull the advertising, clean up the basement bedroom, and move our bedroom down there. Then I’m going to make the yellow bedroom my permanent office/sewing room. We will be done. If/when I will need to sell things, it will have to be at an auction.
If I wasn’t tied at the hip to this rummage sale today, I’d be started working on it now. I am at the point that I really don’t care either way. This past week, with the Hubs being here, with the rummage sale getting started, and with all the extra stuff and nonsense, I’m very far behind on my main job.
My main job is wife and daughter. The house is a mess, and I’m just at the screaming point. I’m seriously at the screaming point. I can’t take it anymore.
So, for this amateur rummage saler, I quit. I’m just too damned tired of it.
I’m going to be taking the laptop in, and removing all the ads from the web. I’m so done.
Besides, I want to go fishing tomorrow.
That’s all,
Louise Ann Benjamin

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