The deck

Good Morning all,
I know, I know, I’m late getting to work on the blog this morning. My apologies. I’m sitting on the deck this morning, under the shade of a table umbrella, and I’ve got two pots of coffee at the table.
I’m sitting in my comfy writing chair, the sun is out, and I have a cigarette lit.
This morning’s coffee is a lovely blend of beans hand picked from the best that Hy-Vee on 10th St in Sioux Falls can give. I ground the beans and perked the coffee on the stove before I even checked my email this morning.
So far today I have, relaxed, chatted, got my morning kisses, made coffee, and visitted the necessary. I slept in this morning. The deck is my writing space for the Summer. Behind me is the trunk of yarn, and behind that is a lovely shade tree. While the Hubsy and I are living in the camper, I don’t have power out here, but soon enough the bedroom will be ready for the two of us.
My cell phone is connected to the bluetooth speaker, and a blend of all my favorite music is playing. I have just enough here to be comfortable this rummage sale day.
Sitting in the shade here, it’s comfortable enough that I don’t need no air conditioning. I don’t need no power outlets at this point, and I don’t need to have company. Sitting alone, outside here, is a slice of heaven I won’t give up any time soon.
The deck is underused. Usually, we use it as a landing zone, one that we forget where we put things. Sitting on the deck is quite pleasant, and the only bad time is just around sunset when the skeeters are hungry. In fact, last night, Dad and I sat out here until he started getting bit up.
It’s a lovely place for a cuppa coffee, to sit and knit, to sit and just take your ease. Soon, I’ll have the rocker out here as well. It’s a great thing.
I was unsure about the deck being on the Eastern side of the house, but with an umbrella, it’s the most pleasant room in the house. I get enough breeze to relax, and I have enough protection from the sun that my freckles haven’t taken over quite yet.
My baby brother is here, taking care of some chicken coop work, and it’s a good thing. He is who I chatted with this morning. He is better than a good egg. We chatted about our ideas for the chickens, about our hopes for the future, and about what is going on in the area.
You see, Sioux Falls is creeping North now. We don’t like it, but it’s progress. Before we know it, the town will be surrounding the farm. the farm being 39.75 acres of gorgeousness. It’s the way of life. Those who push against progress have to make way for those who must move in and take over.
We don’t like it. But it is the way it is.
Meanwhile, I have chores to do, but at least for this morning, I’m sitting in the most pleasant spot in South Dakota, relaxed, and drinking coffee.
I’m truly content, and have Peace of mind. That’s not anything I’d trade for a winning lottery ticket.
That’s all for now,
Louise Ann Benjamin


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