The birds are up

Good morning again,
I’ve been distracted by Create on PBS this morning. There is an episode of Knitting Daily on right now. Kristen Amdahl is explaining a short row scarf. Normally I have to grab a set of needles and some yarn to get through the show. The problem I have this morning, is that I am too distracted by the Addi turbos she is knitting with today.
Now that’s sick. I recognize the brand of knitting needles the designer is using from the video.
I think that maybe I knit too much.
The birds are chirping for their breakfast, and it’s time to get busy. However, I’m really interested in the k10 p10 short row scarf they are working on. I’m thinking of looking up the pattern on the website… Something I rarely do… I’m not usually into looking up their patterns, but the technique really intrigues me this morning.
Maybe it’s at this point that I need to confess that the other day, I plugged in the television. I’ve been watching a bit of PBS during the day, with some Law & Order for dessert. We get farmer TV, but I’m good with that. I can get my Knitting Daily Jones on.
Now they are talking about singles yarn. I’m interested, as a spinner, but it’s not grabbing my attention the way it could. I’m more of a Navajo Ply girl than a knit with the singles girl.
Hmm, I’m not sure, but if I keep watching, I’m going to grab either a spindle or my spinning wheel here. This show is dangerous to my chores time.
I’d better get my tail in gear, or I’m going to be working with fiber today, and not getting my work done. I know, I keep on writing that, but I’m trying to avoid the urge to knit. Ugh, definitely need to get my arse in gear.
Have a great day. I’ll check in later.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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