Good Morning,
This morning, I’m reminded of what’s important in life. I woke up a little fuzzy yet 90 minutes after the alarm went off. I’m still a little groggy yet. However, I did what I did and do what I do, and it’s time to sit and think about it.

I have a set of “rules” that I live by. Loosely modeled after one of my favorite television characters, as well as one of my favorite fictional characters, and my beliefs and values from life, Scripture and the like.

One of those rules that makes sense to me is, “Don’t waste good.”

Living by this rule has wide spread implications. In last night’s supper I did not throw out the canning liquid when I opened something. I put it in the mashed potatoes. I save our supper scraps for the garden, and it gets used again. I recycle leftovers, sometimes combining them in a soup or a stew.

However, this rule applies to people as well. The people that are important to me are just that, important. People are more important than things, ideas, and rules. I love with all my heart. This morning, I was reminded of how much I love my Husband. He took something, used it for a purpose that it’s designers never imagined, and may have ruined it.

I freaked. I yelled. I calmed down. I apologized. I love my Husband much more than said item. He is my Husband. I sleep/snore next to him. I kiss him. I snuggle him. He is much more important than a damned thing.

He stood up next to me 10 years ago next month. We said our vows. He hasn’t chased me off yet, though I richly deserve it. I have done much much worse to him that he ever has done to me. He still loves me, and I love him for it.

I’ve got my priorities back in line now. Have a great day.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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