My daily errands

Here we go, the first stop of the day. I’m probably parked wrong according to a popular Sioux Falls website on Facebook. 

Maybe that is a better photo. 
I was born in this town, but I prefer being on the farm. I would much rather have the sweet Summer breezes of the farm than the rumble of cars and thousands of people driving by. 
We are at the 2nd stop of our journey. Dad is a retired worker from here. We can get meat from the company store as one of his benefits. So, once every season we come in for some things to just make our life easier. 
Hogs come in, and Ham comes out. As well as bacon and many other delicious goods. 
Dad worked here, my Uncles and at least one of my Aunts worked here. I am grateful for this place. 
Now it is evening. We had rain during the day. The ground and the dogs got soaked. 

So we are cuddling up in sweats and blankets. Have a good day. 
Louise Ann Benjamin 


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