Hello all,
The last few days have been nothing but a bit of confusion and chaos. I’ve probably written about this before, however, at this point… My brain is fuzzy, and the coffee just ain’t strong enough to clear my head.
Music therapy is helping. Dad has some classical running on the record player. Dad’s having breakfast, and I’m just not awake yet.
I have been up for over an hour, yet the body is willing, the brain is not.
Saturday, I went to work in town. It took 3 total trips back and forth to the farm to get the job done. That’s okay, the job got done. There’s no way we can know exactly what tools we will need when we will need them for any specific project. For this one, a vice grip, and a metal grinder were needed, as well as some of Dad’s special drill bits. I did not do the work on this project, I just knew at some point that it was a Dad project, not a Weasy one.
While Dad was working, I spent a couple of hours on IT work. The ultimate answer from Apple Tech support was that it was Windows 7, not their products or software. That may be a partial answer, however I’m not about to wipe a person’s computer completely and start from scratch when the computer does not need it.
I have noticed with Apple, back when I first got an iPod touch, (1st generation), then an iPad 1, that wiping the device and starting from scratch was always the answer. I don’t like this answer from Apple, and I don’t like having to start from scratch every month. With this person’s iPhone, we have had to do this several times. It’s not fair to them, and not fair to me the at home tech. While I love Apple devices, their software sucks.
Saturday when we got back to the farm, Dad got a phone call, and I went out to the deck for a smoke break. Long story short, I ended up driving another 120 miles that night, and I’m grateful.
Yesterday, it wasn’t going to be possible for me to get to church or town. I had to keep an eye on things here. So, I cut some rhubarb for my client in town, and cut up more rhubarb for the farm. I made a rhubarb jelly, and spent most of the day sitting in the shade as the temperatures climbed.
I did get the back seat installed in the Dodge just in time to leave last night. I never know when my goofy radar will come in handy and last night it definitely did. Rain was forecast, and Dad and I had our monthly card game to go to. I was planning on installing the seat today, but something told me to get the work done before cards last night. I will get to the reason in a minute.
The drive to cards was hot and sweaty. I had put the car with all the doors and windows open in the shade yesterday, however that wasn’t enough. So, we got a little sweaty on the way in.
Cards was awesome. Cousin Tim won the first game, and Uncle Ed won the second. One of our family is expecting her first baby this autumn, and it’s wonderful to watch her belly grow a bit. We are pretending at this point that we can’t see the belly growing, but are so excited for a new baby in the world!
As we played my great-nephew Morgan played with my sister’s phone. He had to stay by the wall, because it badly needed a charge. My sister rode her bike the 20 or so miles to cousin’s house, and forgot her charger. Uh oh. Nephew has the same phone, so they sorted that out quickly.
Meanwhile, my nephew, Morgan’s Daddy kept stealing my tricks, so I stole a couple of Dad’s. He kept saying, “You are lucky you drove.” My sister Tina had had a perfect game up to a certain point, when I noticed the score card, and announced it to the group.
Announcing a perfect game is a snotty maneuver. That tells people that this person needs to be taken out. That also seems to alert whatever luck this person has to flee to the hills.
Shortly thereafter her perfect game went south. I got one point more than she did. I’m satisfied.
Between games, we have snack, and my cousin’s wife is an awesome cook! She made peanut butter chocolate chip bars. My mouth waters at the yummy. Everyone had two. I wish I had taken a bunch home with me, but one does not do that you know. The second game went almost as well as the first, with one exception. Uncle Ed had the Perfect game mojo going for awhile. And Tina tried screwing it up by announcing it. I did remind her, “Sis, at this point is where everyone would say Shut up.” Her grandson, said “That’s not nice to say, not at all.” I was laughing inside. One does not laugh at these serious moments to a five year old.
After the game, the importance of the back seat came in. The storm clouds were gathering in the west. We could see them, and the wind was picking up. It smelled like rain. Dad suggested we give Tina a ride home. Her son suggested that I con her into it. I begged her, he followed the motion, and the motion was carried by a vote of 4 to 1. Tina needed a ride home.
She tried to get me to stop to put gas in my tank. I didn’t want to. That takes time, I had enough gas, and I’m stubborn that way. Dad and I dropped her off, and headed North. It’s road destruction season out there, and the roads we normally travel are pretty carved up with orange cones and lots of signs.
I didn’t know how tense I was until the last mile heading to the farm. I had no idea we were following my baby brother, until he pulled in ahead of us. I didn’t recognize his truck, and I was really out of it until I noticed he slowed down, and turned into the drive.
He was there to drop off chicken feed, and to view the bird’s progress.
I’m still a little rattled by the drive home last night. Trying to get my sister home safe, trying to navigate through slippery construction zones, and trying to figure out exactly where the cones are leading me.
I don’t want to make that particular drive again soon.
This morning, my alarm went off at four. I shut it off during lightning flashes. It was time to just stay snuggled in bed, because no matter how much work needs doing, this fat little woman does not like trudging through the rain on foot if she doesn’t need to.
I finally rolled out of bed around 8 or 8:30. I finally woke up a bit. I finally got to the keyboard, and here I am.
I have a few chores to get done this morning, and lots of work this week. I’ll talk about that another day.
Louise Ann Benjamin

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