Sunday Morning

I’m awake, Thanks to the Grace of God and a full bladder. 

I have a full morning ahead however I will face it as it comes. It is going to be a good day. Or as Hubsy says, it’s all in what you make of it. 
Beamer and I spent the night in the camper. I’m sure my snoring was no comfort to him. However he is fine. He knows his Papa is asleep in the house on my bed. For me the camper is cool, and I get to wake up to wild bird song every day. 
I have to unload the car yet. I thought I would wait until the sun was fully up before I attempted that problem. Besides, roadside Diet Dr Pepper just doesn’t wake me up like it could. 
The hardest thing about yesterday’s trip was this. I dug up the box containing Mom’s ashes. She has come home where I belong. I was so sad, alone there where she had been for almost 10 years. But it had to be done. I don’t live there anymore. I think Mom would like it out here again. I am planning a flower garden for where I am going to place her. It’s the best I could do. 
I can’t talk about the rest of my mad evening, so I will say have a good day. Talk to you tomorrow. 
Louise Ann Benjamin 

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