Pressure cooker chicken

I’m standing next to the pressure cooker, with my new laptop stand in front of me. I’m keeping an eye on the pressure cooker, and one of the chickens we butchered on Saturday is inside.
I’m hoping that this turns out well, because I’ve never taken a bird out of the freezer, whacked it into a pressure cooker, and cooked it for supper before.
I have potatoes in the microwave, and the gravy was also a recent resident of the freezer. This meal is 90% fresh made, and I hope a good one.
I’m sweating like a butcher, cause the stove is knocking out a lot of heat for just a little country stove. Of course, the microwave is also rocking out a bit of heat too. I’m roasting the potatoes in the microwave, because I didn’t want to overload the pressure cooker.
This laptop stand cost me $1.00 at the auction on Sunday. It’s actually an ultrasound table on wheels, but it works slick for what I need it for. I love being a scrounger.
Meanwhile, it’s going to be raining before long, and I have an important phone call to make in 36 minutes.
I have to de-pressurize the thing now. Talk to you tomorrow.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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