Good afternoon

Hello all,
It’s about 1 in the afternoon, and Dad is taking his Siesta. We’ve adopted the work early, nap, and work later method of chores on the farm. It’s too hot in the middle of the day to get much done outside, and I’m in no condition to drop a gallon of sweat each time I walk out doors.
So, we take it easy in the heat of the day, and figure out the rest as time goes by.
This morning I had to make a quick trip to Minnesota. I came back, checked on the critters, and headed to the camper for a short smoke pack refill, as well as a few quick tears.
What’s going on is not fit for public consumption quite yet. I have lots of homework to do before the apropriate words will show up here.
Meanwhile, I will be planting trees this evening when the heat dies down a bit. I’ll also be planting a few flowers, and getting some stuff in the house organized.
I’m planning to have a rummage sale coming up, and I want to be ready.
That’s all for now, as the first post I wrote I deleted before publishing, and I’m a bit of a wreck at this time.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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