A little chaos and letting the Lord handle it.

Plans changed, and I took my Hubsy fishing. There is chaos currently, and the only thing I got done was a little panic and disorder. More than twice, I said to myself, I look like shit in orange.
I have a temper, and I have to trust that the Lord has the situation entirely in hand.
I have to focus on the fact that this is entirely out of my control. I also need to focus on what it is that is in front of me to do today.
That said, I don’t look good in orange, and I don’t want to blow my stack.
I am happieowhen busy, and that’s what I am going to be today. Yesterday’s list of todos is still here. I am going to tackle it one item at a time.
The good news? I got up on time today. The really good news? I haven’t blown my stack yet.
My car needs new breaks. I know little about cars other than they need gas and oil. So, tomorrow I will be heading in with Dad to run the farm errands, one of which is going in to get whatever is needed for the car. later, Hubsy and I will be heading to town to work on our errands. Unless I can get the car seat installed. Then it’s one trip. I really am not awake yet.
I thought Hubsy was heading back to town today. That plan is up in the air. I am not sure what his plans are, so it is one day at a time for now.  If anything, he will be staying as long as he wants.
Beamer, on the other hand got to go fishing with us yesterday. It was a blast. He didn’t make it down into the creek, but he did chew on some ice. It’s a lovely day today, going to be up in the upper 70’s, and there is a good chance of  laughter, mischief, and mayhem.
It is a good day.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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