I can feel the madness decending

Good morning,

It’s the time of the morning that the brain is over flowing with ooze. I’ve become addicted to writing again. I am ashamed that I let Facebook almost destroy this for me. 
I would post to Facebook and not to the blog. I would post instead of write. I wouldn’t journal. I couldn’t, so my writing muscles atrophied.
Now, the pump is primed, and if I don’t, my brain starts going whir-click. It’s very bad. The thoughts start tripping over each other, trying to escape, and they start bouncing in there like ping-pong balls hitting the walls and each other.
This reminds me of one of my buddies. She too is creative. She once called me on a crisis run.  I stopped at the dollar store on my way to her place. On the phone, she described exactly this problem. At the dollar store, I bought her a set of ping-pong balls, and a set of warped marbles. I told her that I’d found her marbles, and I was returning them to her in the condition I had found them.
She laughed.
Laughter, I believe heals.
It’s what is meant to be.
I write, when I can, because it helps and I feel good when I do it.
Coffee, while it helps, just can’t duplicate… Combine all the above, and you get a perfect Sunday morning.
Heading to Worthington for a quick visit, and then back to the farm today. Will be back to my regular schedule soon.
Louise  Ann Benjamin

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