Plan plans but don’t plan results

Shortly after I last posted I called my buddy in Minnesota. After a few tears and a few phone calls I got to work. 

I moved the old washer out of the way, disconnected the water hoses and filled the old wringer washer. Two loads of laundry on the line. 
I planted the hostas and got the phlox squared away
I baked bread in the toaster hidden in the grill so the house wouldn’t heat up. 

I fed and watered the critters. 
I did the dishes. 
I grabbed a shower, and unloaded the car in the garden. 
I drove 90 miles to Windom MN because my buddy needed me. 
All is not well with the world, but I brought my prayers, hugs, and my rosary. I will write more in the morning. 
Louise Ann Benjamin


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