Hostas to plant

Good morning all. I have been a busy bug. No pics from yesterday though, as I want to get permission from the relative first.
It is just after 4 in the morning, and I am in my favorite sitting area on the farm. It’s just under the yard light, and it’s my warm weather smoking area. I love to come out here and relax.
Yesterday morning, I got the critter chores done by 7:30.
I headed in to town and got to work by 8:30. I first treated the boulevard with some lime. There were some trees that had been taken in a storm a couple of years ago. The grass is still patchy due to the tannins under the soil from decomposing roots. I shouldn’t have to treat the soil again till fall.  We then spread 8 bags of topsoil, and one bag of a fertilizer mix, and then over seeded the area and the yard.
After watering, it was time to split the hostas.. I started loading the back of the Dodge with hosta, and we also moved a few bulb plants.. Then we got to work weeding.. I had brought a barrel with me to haul off the debris, and soon it was loaded with the trimmings of a large woody bush. Dad’s lopper made light work of a rough job.
The neighbor has some small ankle biters, who decided to let the world know we were working. They “sang the song of their people” every time we went in the back yard.
After weeding, digging and tining a bed for some tomatoes, a few cages went up. We decided not so long after to finish the outside work for the day. It was hot, and I was dripping with sweat.
The afternoon brought the geekery into play, and I grounded a client for six months. They hadn’t been updating anything, so I reset their device, and put it into auto update mode everyday at 3pm.  It was okay, but the computer does not like being not up to date. I did say, just walk away from the machine every day from 3 to 6, so the machine has time to do its work.
I then helped frost cupcakes. That was fun, a lovely fudge frosting made my mouth water. Wow that was good!
Supper was a lovely pizza, and then back to work. I was asked to make a special document and get it just right. The final edits were done by 8, when my car was snorting and raring to get back home. It’s a good thing that the Dodge knowsnthe way home, as I was a tired cookie by that point.
Dad didn’t hear more than 8 sentences from me, because  I had to hurry up and do the critter chores. I was hoping to get a long chat in, but I had to take meds and crawl into bed. My knots in my muscles had litters of baby knots, and finding a pillow was a good thing.
Today, I have laundry to do, hosta to plant, and bread to bake. Then I head back to town for some more work. I was supposed to finish the one load of laundry last night, and get the bread a rising, but I ran out of time. I also think I should get something in the crock pot for Dad. I will set the roaster in the grill to bake the bread so I am not baking the heat into the kitchen.
Lastly, this lunatic needs to get some housework done as well, I have a lot of knitting to do, and the housework has to come first.
That’s all, further adventures will be posted tomorrow..
Louise Ann Benjamin

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