Morning. Sitting under the yard light and having a smoke break. The coffee pot hasn’t filled itself with water, ground the beans, and brewed the coffee yet. Evil thing. It’s a French press. 
Somebody just drove past the farm, why are they up this early?
As a matter of fact, why am I up this early?
Oh yeah, some fool set three alarm clocks for 4 AM. 
That would be me. Gotta feed the chickens. Gotta move the rabbits. Gotta get the chores done. 
It’s a town day today. I do computer maintenance for a relative, and today we are going to plant bulbs and tomatoes as well. 
Let’s talk about yesterday. 
I got the tackle out and headed down to the creek. 

I mowed for exercise. 
I did some laundry. I got to sit as much as I needed to between chores. 
Speaking of laundry, I  heard from the seller I bought an antique rapid washer from. It seems that the post office returned it to them. Post office snafu.  They will check it out today. 
Dad worked in the garden all day again.  The work is always there. The carpet works great for between row mulching but it isn’t designed to keep the weeds down inside the rows. 
I reviewed my Amazon order as well when I had time. Amazon is a great website, and I order once a month. Our supplements and some of the tools I use come through there. I have to keep an eye on it though, the prices fluctuate quite a bit, and I want to make sure that I am getting a better than retail price. 
I recently bought 60 pounds of food grade diatomaceous earth from there. I use it to treat myself for something and to keep the dog insect free. Amazon had a better price than the company website that sold it to me through Amazon. Things like that work for me. 
I just wish I could get all of our groceries through there at a reasonable price. Grocery prices on Amazon are a joke. I spend less driving 20 miles to town and getting it and driving back. Sometimes the prices are high enough that I would be better going to town everyday than to buy there. So I watch everything like a hawk. 
Yesterday I think I freaked Dad out a bit. I was working on the laundry. In order to make the work easier I listened to the Divine Office while I worked. I also listened to and prayed the rosary. Both are meant to be said aloud. I think he walked in while I was working. 
Today I have to get back as soon as I can. The highs are going to be in the 80’s, and I have to make sure the critters have plenty of water. 
I have to get rolling anyway. I have very little time before I have to leave for town. This is one of those days where the sun is my clock. 
Have a great day!
Louise Ann Benjamin 


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