A day for family

Yesterday was a great day. 

I was expecting to have to do chores and laundry. However baby brother came, and he helped out with the critters. 
He also mowed quite a bit of the yard for me, clearing an area under the yard light for me as well. 
I was able to set up a sitting area and put my plants out there. I’m sitting there now, and it’s about 1 in the morning. 
After the chores were done we went fishing. 
Fishing was great, I caught absolutely nothing. But had so much fun. Bro noticed some turtles and he loves turtle meat. So, we decided to head through the farm to the road to go get turtle bait. 

Bros truck got stuck in about 6 inches of water. Dad had to come down and with a come-a-long we tried for a couple of hours to get it loose. 
That didn’t turn out too well, finally a neighbor came and pulled is out with his truck. 
These picks were taken from my Dodge. 
Thank God for good neighbors. 
We then headed to town for some more bait, and I got to meet the new chicks. 
Talk about adorable. In a few weeks, we will be having these wee beasts out on the farm. 
Back to fishing. With turtle bait in hand, and our gear set up, we were ready. 
Then, my phone started alerting me. Bro had run back to the house for a few things and Thunderstorm warnings kept chirping on my iPhone. Oh Lordy. 
Bro came back, and we fished in the rain.
All too soon, with the turtles and the fish laughing at us, we had to pack up and head back to the house. 
We checked the critters one more time, and then headed down to take care of one or two last things at the creek. 
On our way back up, Bro stopped by the garden to chat with Dad. I don’t speak man-talk, so I sat and played with my phone. 
In case you were wondering, we use carpet as a mulch in the garden. Much more bio-friendly than plastic or the fabric mulches. Besides the prices is right, we get it for free. 
It was a great day, and I am grateful for what God has given us. 
I am also grateful for our military personnel and those who died protecting our country. Coming from a long line of soldiers, I Thank God for all my freedoms. Especially for the one where I get to spend a day with my baby Bro. 
Thank You,
Louise Ann Benjamin 


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