Morning again, Pre-Coffee

Guten Morgen,

It’s just after 5 in the morning, and I’m listening to Hugh Laurie’s “Unchain my heart”. Wow, delicious! His voice, the rhythm, wow! I just love the movement… Okay, I’m a music geek too… 

Meanwhile, yesterday was eventually filled with Chaos.. We lost 3 baby birds, and one of them is lying ready to be singed in the freezer for the soup pot. Ugh. I wish it wasn’t but these birds were small enough, they escaped the pen. Bo found two of them, brought one of them to me alive, and one of them to Dad, dead.

I moved the remaining babies to the other pen, and called Brother. Dad plucked and gutted the one that Bo took care of, and Brother brought out supplies for the rest. I like having a baby brother with lots of muscles. He did all the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, I have to get over the squeamish crap and singe and cook that bird.

Brother also brought out his mower yesterday, and I got to get some much needed mowing done. I need to get the north side of the house done yet, but that grass is thigh high. I’m hoping to get either the weed eater running, or hopefully Dad can get the sickle bar mower running. In either case, I’m sick and tired of ticks taking over the upper yard and house areas. It’s time to sheer the yard.

The sky is lightening, now it’s an electric cornflower blue out there. It was sprinkling when I first came out here, and quite dark. Now, the black silhouettes of trees are gorgeous against the morning sky. It’s this time of morning, when I get the opportunity to listen to the birds singing, smell the fresh rain, and watch the colors paint themselves into the world with the rising sun.

Now, the rain is falling again, and I’m thinking that it is finally time for that cup of coffee. Have a good day all!


Louise Ann Benjamin


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