Morning: today is a work in town day. Yesterday I did 2 loads of clothes and crocheted a bit.

Took care of the critters, and had a laugh. The chickens love bread more than feed. It’s like giving them dessert first with the bread. The reason I do is so I can get into the coop to feed and water them while they are busy. They are getting big, but not enough to lay eggs yet. The biggest ones I am told are not layers. Soon more should be arriving.

The grey rabbit is still with us but does not have the strength to ever survive in the wild again. I’m feeding them yard grass currently and since our lawn mowers don’t work well, they are our lawn mowers. I just move the pen every day.

Another problem I ran into is a pair of slacks that didn’t get clean the first wash. I’m learning though, and will do better each time rather than have to rewash things by hand.
I still don’t have the three washing sinks set up in the house yet. The one sink is working, but I have to repair the legs on the double sink. I’m finding that clothes that were previously machine washed make my wash water blacker than clothes that I have been hand washing. I’m hoping that by the end of the month there will be no more machine washed items in the house. Those items still burn my skin.

Bo slept with me last night, she really is a sweet heart. I treated her ears the other day with a vinegar solution to help with her dirty ear problems. She is patient with me which is a good thing.

I’m praying more daily now. The liturgy of the hours is a comfort as well as the daily Mass readings. I’m finding that the more I pray the more strength I have to do the work and the less pain I am in. Otherwise I would spend all my days in bed from the fibromyalgia.

One of my favorite people reminded me of that over the last few months. They reminded me to just do the work. I’m grateful for the lesson.
Louise Ann Benjamin
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