Early this Spring

Dear Readers, I’m sorry this is really disorganized, but I’d realized that I hadn’t posted anything from earlier this year, so I’m trying to get caught up.

Meet Jo, who is the kid of our black Mama rabbit. Jo escaped when young, but was injured, and we put it back in with Mama to heal and be company. Jo’s legs will never be right, but we try to give the rabbits as good a quality of life as we can. Besides they make good lawn mowers.

This is two curtains, if you can believe it. I have a commission to do two curtains for an old dear friend, and they are due by July 30th. This photo was taken May 1.
I know, glutton for deadlines, and yes, that’s crochet cotton thread.

These ladies have been keeping me busy of late. They are my Brother’s birds, and I take care of them for him. Yes, they are cute, but will be delicious cooked.

Dad and I found a remnant carpet, and I just had to have it. the price was right, free, and I decided that it would look the best in the kitchen. It does!

Most mornings around here, there just isn’t enough coffee to keep the pulse going. Someone asked if I’m addicted… Not with 9 coffee pots within easy reach at the time the photo was taken. Am I?

This was taken the next to the last day of my vacation. I’d gone back to Minnesota to stay for a few days. I did use fix a flat, and filled the tire up, however I came back to the car to grab something and the hub was down to the ground. It was time to use those farmgirl skills yet again, and get busy.
Our clothes washer died, and I’m washing all the clothes by hand. I’m learning that machine washing clothes just isn’t getting them clean! When I was previously machine washed clothes, they are twice as dirty, IE the water just turns a lovely nasty black, so I have to keep changing the water until they are clean. UGH.


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