Back on the farm

Hello all, it is a windy day here in South Dakota. The chickens are fed, the rabbits are fine, and our bellies are full.

I made hash for Dinner, with easy over eggs. Dad was surprised. I had found some spuds he’d accidentally scorched the other day. I shredded them up, threw some jalapenos on them, and shredded a bit of pork roast to go with. I did sprinkle a little red wine vinegar on top, and it worked. 
When the hash was done, I fried up 3 eggs, two for me, one for him, and we had a good Dinner.
To tackle the pan that Dad scorched the spuds in, I filled it full of water, and poured baking soda in the water. I set the burner on low, and ate Dinner. After we ate, I used a scrub brush and most of the scorch came off. I repeated the baking soda, water, boil till the pan came clean.
Other than that, the ticks are bad this year. I sprinkled more diatomaceous earth on the dog, and  checked the three of us for ticks. It has been a good day so far.
Tonight, we are going to the cousins for a friendly card game.
That is about all for now,
Louise Ann Benjamin

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