Thank God it’s Raining

Good Morning,

It’s just before 5 in the morning, and I’m on vacation in Minnesota for the week.
So much has happened in the last month. 
In late March, my ulcer took over the world as I know it. I spent weeks in bed, and spent quite a bit of time not able to eat at all. After several trips to the emergency room, the Acute care clinic, and finally my Dr, I finally got the ulcer diagnosis. Traveling to visit my Dr normally takes a 120 mile round trip. So, I had to try other things first. 
Eventually, I had to take two types of ulcer medication in order to get healed enough to catch up on some of the chores, as well as take a few more on.
Chickens have arrived on the farm again. Currently I have the care of 16 birds of varying breeds. My sibling owns the critters, and I feed and water them. More are due to arrive on the farm each week. 
In mid April, we discovered that the clothes washer gave up the will to live. Since then, we have relied on my collection of wash boards, wash tubs, buckets and plungers.
Just going out to buy another washer just isn’t going to happen. We need a new woodstove on the farm. The woodstove will cost upwards of $1000. A clothes washer will cost nearly the same amount. Yes, there are cheaper products out there, but false frugality does not work or count. 
Having to shell out 500 dollars every five years just doesn’t make sense. Instead, I would much rather shell out 1000 and get 15 years or more in wear out of a product.
Meanwhile, washing by hand works. My allergies are behaving for the most part.
Mother’s Day was a rough one. It’s not my favorite holiday, and I miss the daughter I gave up for adoption more every year.
Well, I have to get busy soon, and get the car loaded. I’ve been visiting a friend in Minnesota for the week.
That’s all for now.

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