The Deck

Our deck is weather beaten and yet may be the best room in the house in my opinion. It’s on the eastern side of the house. On it is a large grill, a deep freezer, and some furniture. It and the back stoop are the best places to sit on the farm. The deck is where I have my outside kitchen in the summer.

Summertime brings days too hot to cook in the kitchen. It’s too hot to do dishes inside, and it’s too small inside the kitchen to get much done most days. Don’t get me wrong, the kitchen on the farm is my kitchen, and I love it. However there’s no nice summer breeze coming in the kitchen, and there is no gorgeous views like there is from the deck.

So, it’s my outdoor kitchen. I can plug in any electric appliance out there, and before long, there will be a deep sink out there as well. Tonight with my trusty cart, I hauled most of the dirty dishes outside and listened to the radio while I washed and dried the dishes. I feel energized, which never happens while I’m washing dishes.

So, first thing tomorrow, after my mandatory coffee and prayer time, I’m going to head out to the deck and finish setting up my outside kitchen. I insist on keeping our food in the house except for cooking. I’m nuts, but not insane, and I’m going to cook out there until it’s time to start the woodstove in the fall.

That’s about it. I’m a little tired, and I’ve got to get my bed ready yet tonight. Take care,

Louise Ann Benjamin

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