The trip to town

Good Morning, the coffee’s on this morning if you want a cuppa. Dad’s just waking up a wee bit, and I’ve been out for the first smoke of the day.

It’s lovely out there if you want to go sit on the deck. There’s a bit of dew but that’ll burn off once the heat hits. We have a couple of deck chairs I can grab from the basement for you. This time of day is really lovely to sit out there and listen to the birds, ya just gotta watch them swooping around out there.

The view past the trees in the yard just cant be beat. I love watching the sun rise over the trees don’t you?

Excuse me a minute while I grab another cuppa, can I get you anything? There’s creamer and sweetener or sugar for your coffee if you like.

If you are feeling a little peckish, we have some oatmeal available, or I can scramble you a couple of eggs.

Why don’t we head out and have a smoke together? If you don’t smoke, do you mind that I do?

Yep, Dad and I have to go to town today. There’s an auction going on. We’re hoping to get back before Hot Harley nights starts at 6:30. Oy well, actually, we are hoping to be back before noon-thirty.

No that’s just some humdinger they do downtown, it’s load and noisy.

We just are going to look around a bit, at the auction and see what’s there. We’re not planning on getting anything really.

Oh we do need to stop at the store and my cousin’s house as well as a few errands. However it’s all good.

Please excuse me a minute while I freshen up.

Oh Thank You so much for coming over! I hope to see you again soon.

Take care, Love you Madly!


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