A rough day

Hello all, it’s been a quiet day here at Anonymousknitter, but quiet for a reason. I am sitting here, listening to an audio-book, and waiting for a headache to pass.

It’s one of those headaches that could be the manifestation of an allergy. I get them when I eat certain foods. Last night, it came on, and today, it came back. Both times, I ate foods that I hadn’t tried in awhile. So, the house is quiet, except for the droning of some paid actor, on an audio-book, while I wait for the pain to ease.

The only light, dimmed, is the screen of my laptop.

Meanwhile, I’m making small progress on the AFGHANTHATMUSTBEDONE we’ll see what happens. I’m taking it everywhere with me now, and I’m looking forward to getting things done as quickly as possible. I have a few projects in queue that I can’t wait to get to. My Control Journal for knitting and crochet is telling me to hurry please, and I really want to get these things done. Sighs.

So, this is a quick check-in, good thing I can crochet with my eyes closed. Hope all is well with you.



1 thought on “A rough day”

  1. Sorry to read about the headache. We must have a theme going as I recently posted about a migraine I had last weekend. Not fun. Have you tried either cold or hot compresses?


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