episode 8 breast cancer awareness

In this week’s episode, we’ll talk about an Issue that’s very important, What I’ve been reading, the Technique of the week, What I’ve been working on, Seasonal Projects, Free Patterns, a Weekly Deal, and a Product Review…

I have an Issue: With the 40th Birthday this month, I have scheduled my Mammogram. I’ve had 2 of them before, and I’m grateful that there is a test available to catch Breast Cancer. I firmly believe in having Mammograms done, as well as self exams done regularly to find problems before they get to the scary part. So, this month, I’m jumping on the get tested bandwagon, my friends, either get tested, or arrange for your female loved ones to get tested. Another important test is a Prostate check, as well as a Colonoscopy. These tests are relatively simple, and better done than left to the winds of chance. Rant, officially is over.

What I have been reading: I’ve done and gone to the Library again. While there, they had a book sale, to raise money to pick up more books. I picked up only one fiber related book. I’m still reading the Catechism in preparation for getting Confirmed early next year. I’ve picked up a couple of fiction books as well, but haven’t cracked them open yet. The first, The Help I picked up because I have no desire to see the movie. Another, Bloodline of the Holy Grail I’m going to read purely as fiction. There is an update on my audible account that I truly love, btw. I’m listening to the New York Times, every morning, as part of my membership. I’m enjoying keeping up with the National and International News. Another update, that I didn’t expect, is the ability to return books for credits. I realized that I didn’t like the two Heinlein books I’d purchased as much as I thought. I was able to return them for credit, and get 2 books by Scott Hahn instead. Signs of Life and Swear to God I feel like a kid in the Candy Store listening to all of these books about my Religious Beliefs. The Compendium book and the Catholicism book are available over at Amazon as well.

Technique of the week:  This technique involves something near and dear to my heart… It involves a fiber arts control journal. I say it that way, because that is what it is, keeping track of knitting and crochet projects, yarns, patterns, and the like. For more information, go to http://flylady.net Tatting can be learned on youtube! Needle tatting.

What I’m working on: The Wedding Afghan II has been renamed as THEAFGHANTHATMUSTBEDONE!  I’m making headway on the project, but if I don’t spend the next few days working on it, it’s not going to get done. I’ll donate probably another 20-40 hours to it, and then I’m going to weave in my ends. It’s to the point that I know which stitch patterns I’m going to use, and I know which books I’ll be pulling them from. To be honest, I’m cheating and using my stitch a day Calendars… ;o) Update: I had to frog the afghan and start from scratch, I’m using a tunisian crochet technique.

Seasonal Projects: This weeks Seasonal Project is the afghan. It’s the time of the year where staying warm is the most important thing here in the upper Midwest. An afghan can be used as a shawl, over the lap, (great while waiting for windows to defrost) and on the bed. The possibilities are endless, and you can certainly go on the cheap and use worsted weight Acrylic yarns in a wide variety of colors. Either knitted, crocheted, woven or even tied, an afghan just never goes to waste at my house.

The Weekly Pattern: http://www.canadianliving.com/crafts/knitting/knit_a_community_afghan.php http://www.crochet-world.com/patterns/pdfs/pcorn.pdf

The Weekly Deal: In line with Breast Cancer Awareness, I’ve decided to promote the Calendar of Hope this Year.

The Product Review: I bought these by accident the other day, and went and picked up five more of them today.

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