There is no room for bigotry

This month, while preparing for my husband’s surgery, I used more convenience foods than I usually do. One day, I went to a National chain grocery store to grab a couple of sandwiches and a few other things. At the register, the cashier refused to wait on the person behind me.

The person behind me was carrying a 40 pound bag of dog food and 3 loaves of bread. It was the time of day when folks were getting off of work, and it was a reasonable assumption that he was heading home to his family. I had a cart with 13 items in it, and was in the express lane, this store has several of those lanes, and more than one was open at the time.

The cashier, after refusing to wait on the male behind me, bragged to me that she didn’t like the color of his skin. I was mortified. I said nothing, gathered my purchases, and left.

It’s been heavy on my brain since then. I haven’t returned to the store since, and I talked about it to two of my good friends. Both of those friends work in retail, and agree with me that there is no place in retail for that type of attitude.

Finally, I went to the corporate website and reported them yesterday.

I received a phone call this morning, from the local store. I was apologized to, and they inquired about the receipt. I finally found it, and again stated what had happened. I was given an apology, and they Thanked me for reporting the incident.

Yet, I’m not the person that needed the apology. I was offended by the person, yes, but it is the guy that had to head to another check that needs the apology. He’s the one that deserved the phone call this morning.

In my heart, and mind, I love the scripture, “Whatsoever you do, to the least of my people, that you do unto me.” I try hard to live to those words, and there are times I fall way too short.

People are people, and sometimes respecting others is all we can give. What does it benefit to treat others with disrespect? What does it benefit to treat someone meanly? It doesn’t. Let’s try to be polite to all, and treat each other a little better today.

That’s all for now,

Louise Ann Benjamin

1 thought on “There is no room for bigotry”

  1. Good for you Louise. But unfortunately the cashier still has the same attitude about a person she doesn’t know. I bet if she needed an organ transplant she wouldn’t care about the color of the donor! Well we do what we can and you did the right thing!


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