I just ran out of time

State Seal of South Dakota.
State Seal of South Dakota. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all, its almost 130 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. I still don’t have the last weekend’s podcast up and running. I’ve been focusing on everything but the website. However, I’ll do the production work today, for both last weekend’s episode, and this weekend’s episode. I’ll get them both up on the site and available asap. In preparing for my husband’s surgery, we just ran out of time for other considerations. I could not stop the clock. It was a mad, crazy, busy week. I had intentions of getting this last weekend’s episode recorded ahead of time, but that just didn’t work out. I ended up doing service work, and lots of prayer work instead.

First things first. My husband has been reported as “No new Cancer found this time.” What this means is that the Cancer that the Dr removed last time has not grown back. This is not a remission, as 2 new polyps were found and removed. The Dr stated that those were benign. Meanwhile, We spent the day with family in South Dakota after my husband was released from Hospital.

My husband is in relatively good spirits, and doing very well. He is almost completely back on schedule, and is busy focusing on the dogs and household as we speak. I believe that my words for his condition sum it up best. “I’ve custody of Himself for one more year! Thank you very much!” We live that way, on a little by little basis, as there is no news that changes the fact that he has recurring Cancer.

Thank You all for your prayers, and for everything you do. I’ll be broadcasting shortly, and I’ve got ever so much more to tell you!

Louise Ann Benjamin

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