The cats are plotting against me!

My house has been taken over by 3 domestic cats. They sleep with me, knit with me, disturb me, and demand my undivided attention. Since there are 3 of them, and they are faster on their paws than I am on my feet they are a formidable opponent!

Cat watching cat
Cat watching cat (Photo credit: gillicious)

The cats have decided that their Momma must do hourly full body massages, and they have decided that I MUST feed them little treats here and there. It is my utmost duty, to let them on my lap, whether I am recording or not…

The cats have decided that the sewing room, which I foolishly thought of as “my office” is theirs and that most of the area is their domain.

Detail of the head of a she-cat (Felis silvest...
Detail of the head of a she-cat (Felis silvestris catus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They insist that my entire existence be focused exclusively on them. My opinions are not necessary, and any ideas I have to the contrary are un-accommodating to their pleasure.

I am doomed.

Trumps of Doom
Trumps of Doom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even my knitting projects, when they allow me the time to knit, are supposed to be for them. I must knit them lovely lap robes so that they can sit on my lap with ease and comfort. They must have soft warm places to lay in sun-spots as well. The same lap robes will not do. New ones must be made…

Random design
Random design (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Their food, water, and litter chores must be done on demand. They believe that this is just tribute. And I must perform these duties with a smile, and a friendly demeanor.

Kattenbak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am doomed, did I say that before?

The threat, the one thing that keeps me kowtowing to their every whim?

They know where the yarn stash is, and are willing to pee on it if I don’t succumb.

I’m doomed.

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