The new Webs Catalog


I’ve wasted a morning looking at another catalog. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I think I’m in love with the webs catalog.


No, I lied, I know I am in love with the webs catalog.


There were only 2 patterns featured that were shudder worthy. In the whole catalog. I have so many want to do projects out of that catalog, that I may switch to Webs as my yarn supplier in 2013… ;o)


English: Yarn Русский: смесовая пряжа
English: Yarn Русский: смесовая пряжа (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact, I may break my own rule. The Camel Cape, on page 59 is just luscious! It’s got great drape, a sweet cable, and interesting edging. The yarn, with color gradients, looks so sweet! I may have to download the pattern, and…


Okay, deep breath, back away from the catalog. Put the debit card down. HOLD THE PHONE! While it can be put on a list of wants, it’s not a demonstrated need. Breathe.


Cashmere Cable Knit

My pulse is slowly returning to normal. It’s a good thing I had to look up the spelling of luscious, because the dictionary is covering the catalog. Okay, my blood pressure is slowly returning to normal.

BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK (Photo credit: Morning Calm News)

I’ve had my “full flight from reality” moment.


The cost of that particular project?


  1. Pattern: $2.99 pdf download
  2. Cold Spring yarn: 39% wool, 36% fine acrylic, 25% baby alpaca, 12 balls of yarn, $5.49 (discountable-whatever that means) add 4 extra balls of yarn for oopsies… 16 balls of yarn =87.64
  3. Project total? 90.83

The cost of my whole wardrobe doesn’t come to 90.83…


Okay, I’m swinging into depression here.  I’m trying very hard to not be a “downright mental defective” about it.

Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket (Photo credit: PhotoAtelier (Glen))



it is quite lovely. Too bad Santa is on strike at our house this year. I’d be tempted to bribe the old fat man with mittens to get this…


Oh well. I’m putting the catalog away, and I’m going to just get on with my day.


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