My life is unmanageable

I’ve been trying to write all morning, and I have accomplished quite a bit. I’ve thrown several posts away. Meaning posts in progress. I’ve taken a shower and dressed. I’ve done about an hour of research. Sum total of my visible accomplishments? I’ve taken a shower.

Lake Okabena Sunset, Minnesota
Lake Okabena Sunset, Minnesota (Photo credit: M H Ryle)

It seems that every time I turned around, the distractions out weighed the actual work. I’m tempted to take my laptop, growing feeble in it’s old age, my knitting, and run. The reason I’m tempted to do this?

There’s a war movie playing in the next room. The dogs desperately want Mama attention, and my stress level has been steadily rising for the last hour. It seems that my brain just can’t focus today. Or can it?

I’m thinking that maybe I am focusing on the wrong things today. I write this post, with the full knowledge that I have so much to do. And yet, I am not enjoying the process of writing at this time. I’d much rather spend time outside, enjoying one of the last truly nice fall days.

Sunrise over Okabena Lake
Sunrise over Okabena Lake (Photo credit: juliaschrenkler)

I’d rather be outside, knitting.

So, rather than do some mega-intelligent work here. That’s what I am going to do this morning. I’m going to pack up, laptop, podcasting equipment, writing materials, and throw them in the stroller. I’m going to go take a walk, find a nice spot in the park, and get back to work.

I’m thinking one of the shelter houses by the lake would be a good place. Either that, or heading out to the library, and looking up some things for the book.

KsFishermen2009_lg (Photo credit: M H Ryle)

I’m going to play hooky from the lists, and go be a hooker today. Hey, there’s a couple of meetings today, and I’m thinking of going out and enjoying them as well.






So, I am going to be irresponsible, and I’m going to go have a bit of fun for the rest of my day!

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