Them cats, them cats

Good Morning,

It’s a lovely day here at home, and I’m enjoying sitting here with a decent cup of coffee. I’ve been listening to an audio book as I write. This morning’s book, The Catechism is available via and

The version I am listening to, also includes information on the lives of Holy People and the Saints. It’s interesting, and quite soothing. Although, if I am soothed too much more, I will start snoring on the keyboard.

I’m not quite as bright eyed as I wish I were. Last night, I was in bed by 11pm. I think I slept with 2 dogs, and 2 or 3 cats during the night. The cats behaved, I think, but one of the dogs didn’t.

Valentine is obsessed with our cats. She has decided that they are her best buddies, and that they are puppy like people. While I agree with her that the cats are cute and very cuddly, the cats don’t seem to think that they are puppies. For some reason, they resist having a large dog’s mouth descend on their whole head, jaws wide.

Of course, if someone placed something proportional around my whole head, I might have a problem with that, especially on with doggy breath involved.

So, every once in awhile last night, I was awakened by a bit of a scuffle. I’m not sure, but I kept dreaming about a giant (size of a school bus) creature attacking my head. (Could there be a theme to this?)

So, before I go grab yet another cup of coffee, I’m going to maybe go take a catless and dogless nap. Who am I kidding? They will wait for the second I place my head on the pillow, for the opportunity to snuggle. I know I know, I’m doomed.

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