Fly Lady

From Episode 6 why spend money?  and I’ve been corrupted I talked about the Fly Lady website and program.

Here, I share my update.

I took the weekend off to a point from the program. I did dress to shoes on Saturday and Sunday. However, I stayed in pajamas all day on Friday. I know I needed that “day off” from the stresses of everything in order to keep going. This morning, I am sitting in my pajamas yet, however I’ve made this a part of my routine. That I truly “dress to the shoes” after 9am. I’ve decided to do this, because I actually prefer to write in my jammies, not out of total rebellion.

As for the rest.

I have not yet thrown today’s laundry in the washer. I will be doing that chore when I dress for the day. I sorted through all my clothes on Friday, and set aside those that I will not be wearing again. Rather than perpetuate the hoarding, I’m throwing them out. I’ve decided that they are not of good quality, so I will not drop them off somewhere to put the burden of throwing them out on someone else.

I will be purging my personal zone 1 in my office today. I have got to weed through the bookshelves, and decide which books are worth keeping? Do I really need 5 copies of this book? Do I have to have every copy of that series or that topic? I’m wondering. As a writer, and a reader, I love the printed word. But I’ve gotten to the point that clutter is just that, clutter. It doesn’t serve any purpose.

Now the one set of books that I will not be “weeding” is the fiber arts library.  Since I’ve made the “fiber arts” my business, I’ve decided that the fiber arts will be the main focus of my library. It makes sense. The other books I need, I can certainly check out from the public library.

Uh oh, just went to the public library website, and I got lost in the catalogue… ;o) Yep computers can be a major “life suck” I’ll never get that time back, but I do have a list of books I’m going to be checking out shortly.

In the “taking care of me” part of the flylady program, I’ve decided to take a few hours away from the house each day. I’ve written down the local library hours, the local ymca hours, and a few other things and activities that I can do for no, or very low cost. While I am disabled, I have figured out that staying at home 24/7  is not sanity friendly.

I still do go to meetings, btw, and I’m thinking that the “taking care of me” time won’t include my time at meetings. I’ve decided that my “meetings” time, is more of a “health” concern rather than something I do for joy… ;o) Just kidding, meetings are truly a joy, I just need other time away from the house.

Meanwhile, it’s time to dress to the shoes, and to set up some breakfast.

I’m “flying”

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