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episode 6 Why spend money?

Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and your stitches and join me, Louise Benjamin the Anonymous Knitter from anonymousknitter.com

In Today’s Podcast: This week’s Issue, What I have been reading, The technique of the week, What I am working on, Seasonal Projects and the Pattern of the Week, The Weekly Deal, and a Product Review, Music has been provided by MusicAlley.com

  • This week’s Issue: Last week I posted a blog post about my hoarding problems and I had decided to do something about it. Since I am a podcaster, I looked to the podcasting community for help. This is what I’ve found. I’m officially a flybaby now, I’ve been working on it since Monday.  I’ve been making progress.
  • What I have been reading: A friend gave me a magazine as a gift. She received a Bible from me a week or so ago, and wanted to give me something nice in return.  It is a first or Premier Issue of a new knitting magazine and I’m definitely interested in a few of the ideas inside. I’ve also been listening to an audio book. To Sail Beyond the Sunset by Robert A Heinlein is one of my favorites. I could listen to it repeatedly and I often do.
  • The technique of the week: Twice knit knitting by Lee Gilchrist This technique involves a version of double knitting that gives a new take on k2tog and p2tog.. There is a new and stable cast on and another very stable bind off. While the term “new” is relative here, meaning New To Me. I’ve already made one dishcloth with this technique, and I’ve started another project.
  • What I am Working on: Wedding Afghan II Dishcloths and Washcloths Dish towels
  • The Pattern of the Week: The Pink Slipper Project Anniversary Pattern This is a link to the pdf file.
  • Seasonal Knitting: It’s the time of the year when wearing just socks around the house isn’t going to cut it, so slippers are a must. In the Pattern of the Week, I included a link to the Pink Slipper Pattern. Why not knit a pair for yourself, and another for the charity?
  • Weekly Deal: Michaels Crafts Coupons Hobby Lobby Coupons Interweave
  • Product Review: Eddie Bauer Stroller Why on earth would I be talking about a baby stroller on a knitting/crochet podcast? Well I acquired one recently, and it has turned into another on-the-go cart for knitting and crochet goodness.
  • Music provided by: http://musicalley.com James C Allen is the Artist of The WeekThis week’s artists are featured on the shownotes at http://anonymousknitter.com

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