I have been corrupted

I’ve been listening to many podcasts via stitcher radio lately. One that actually may improve my life is the one done by the fly lady.  She has been working for years to improve the lives of people, and has a free service that is easy to use. 

Considering my post about hoarding a few days ago, I listened with interest. I’m about as far gone on the hoarding/messy house and life as I want to get.

I went to the website and read so many things. I clicked on many of the links, and since I wasn’t able to sleep anyway, I spent the night reading. Many of the tools she has are free to use. Now, I’m not going to go out and buy her planner system, calendar system, cleaning system etc… I’m just using the actual information to improve my life.

I am now what’s called a “flybaby” fly is an acronym for “Finally Loving Yourself” and this morning, I’ve been working on my first list.

I even subscribed (free) for the fly lady cozi service, a system meaning (Cozi) that I hadn’t considered before. There are many free apps available for this service via apple or droid products. I have subscribed to the email list as well. While I haven’t read today’s email yet, I am actually working at this time (who are you kidding? You are writing, Louise, writing is not work.)

Have I sold out? Not really, much of the fly lady’s ideas are not new to me, however this is just a different way of applying them. I learned some of these techniques in DBT

Hopefully, in small time increments, I can get the house, and my heart and mind, clean…

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