A dog for an alarm clock

Mid-1970s digital alarm clock radio (AM/FM) us...
Mid-1970s digital alarm clock radio (AM/FM) using split-flap display (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here in the town, my alarm is set for at least 2 and 3 hours later than it was in the country. I have a beautiful trio of dogs that sleep with me. They are my babies, and I love them immensely most hours of the day.
Yet the moment my alarm goes of, one particular fuzzy face has to give me kisses to greet me first for the day. She wants to be the first one to give me snuggles and loves.
I am pre-coffee when she does this.
I realize, that I need to change my attitudes somehow in the early hours of my day. She is being sweet, loving and kind. I am a grouch, a curmudgeon, and I rarely make sense first thing in the morning.
So, for the love of my furry alarm clock, I will try very hard to be gentle and kind. I love her that much.
Louise Benjamin

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