episode 4 a little bad romance

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In Today’s Pod cast:

This week’s Issue: 

What were they thinking? Recently I received the new Pattern works catalogue. I perused it, having not requested it, interested in of course some new fiber goodness. . This is a small sample of what I found.

On page4, under the section of fabulous fall: Twain Cabled Vest. Who would honestly look good in this? It’s knit with ROVING at 7 skeins of one variety costing 14.50 each and 3 balls of another a 9.00 each. Total cost of project before s&h is 128.50.This vest is designed to be bulky, done on size 17 needles. http://www.patternworks.com/productdetail/101672.htm

Another Pattern, on the other end of the scale is the “Modular Triangle Throw” found on page 12  The throw is 30″x40″ finished, or 2 1/2 feet by 3 1/3 feet. You need to buy 16 balls of Boku Yarn at 6.50 each. The project with pattern cost 109.00. http://www.patternworks.com/productdetail/802707.htm

The one pattern I would consider out of this particular company is: The Arches Cowl Pattern It can be found on page 22 of the catalogue. It’s a crocheted mobius. The yarn used in the pattern is 2 balls of Sausalito at 10 per ball, and the pattern together make the project 26.00… 


What I have been reading:

This week, I made a horrible mistake. I read “A tale of 2 Vampires” by Katie MacAlister. http://www.amazon.com/Tale-Two-Vampires-Dark-Novel/dp/0451237730

The technique of the week:

I’d like to talk to you about combining techniques with your projects. I’ve been looking at some of my “kitchen sink” needlework books, and saw some very cool ideas. (A kitchen sink needlework book is one that throws everything from cross stitch to hardanger, to knitting, to anything in it.)




What I am Working on:
I’m currently working on the little purse, but the first version turned into a bottle cover… I started with a variation of crochet that includes front post double crochet. My variation is, that instead of going down and grabbing the “upright” of the post below, which creates a cool idea. Why not go around the base of the “V’s” before the cross piece on the stitch below. What this does is create what looks like a row of slip stitch on the fabric, but doesn’t shorten the finished stitches by very much. Another benefit of this type of crochet, is that the fabric done this way isn’t very stiff, compared to standard front and back post double crochet.  I will be posting the full pattern and pictures when I’m finished over on Ravelry.
The Pattern of the Week:
Seasonal Knitting:
Since Halloween is just around the corner, that means that fall projects should be well under way. I’m working on getting my 2012 projects done. It’s this time of year that I really appreciate warm and soft hand knit and crocheted items. Today, I am wearing my own cowl, which I am wearing for just a little extra warmth around my shoulders. Great fall projects could include warm snuggly socks, shawls, head bands, shrugs and cowls. I myself am making about a shrug each month, along with the other projects I have in queue. 
Weekly Deal:
http://www.knitpicks.com/books/Power_Cables__D31333.html Lily Chin’s Power Cables is currently on the Clearanced Books list over at knit picks. It’s listed at 11.23 which is 55% off the cover price. The book has gorgeous projects, clear instructions, and charts! If you have a knitpicks purchase to make, consider throwing this in on your order. It’s a great book, one I have in my own library. I encourage you to take a look, or to check it out.
Product Review: 
The caboodles train case is something I wish I had at least 5 more of. I’ve found so many uses for this particular item. Mine, I picked up several years ago, and in all the time I’ve had it, very rarely did I not have a set use for it. It easily holds scissors, yarn gauges, notions, stitch markers, and many other good things, all neatly organized and easy to access. I have mine sitting next to my project chair in my sewing room. I have confidence that my items are well protected, and will be available when I need them. It’s a nice black, but there are other versions and colors available. Caboodles has their own website. I hope you will take a look. http://www.caboodles.com/#/products
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