A Morning with out music

Hello all, I am sitting in the front yard with Raven. The Big Dogs are out back. I normally sit out here to have my first coffee of the day, and the dogs enjoy it. Ok I am selfish, I enjoy it too.
It is my morning prayer and meditation time. My time out here fi es me enough serenity to face the computer. I am able to be coherent enough to take a good look at the world, and relax a bit before the world attacks. It is good.
I usually listen to music or podcasts, and watch the front garden. I take pictures, and enjoy the day. Raven sits and says “Hi there” to the birds and rabbits. I think I do too.
This morning, the crickets are singing, ans tge High School band is practicing about a block away. The. Crickets are a much better sets of musicians today. Even the sounds of traffic are lovely to a point. The band, well, the teenagers need more practice about 3 miles further away…
I need to fill my coffee cup, I will be still editing the podcast, today. I also have much in the form of paperwork to do. Will chat with you again tomorrow.

1 thought on “A Morning with out music”

  1. Grey skies and barking neighbour dogs. Life in a village on a saturday morning. Much to look forward today. Hopes to be fullfilled, littles pleasures to be satisfied. Today is a good day for everyone who wants to see it.


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