3 ambidextrous knitting and crochet

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I know that many of you will think I’m a bit of a kook, but I am truly Ambixtrous. So, I decided that in this episode, I’d talk about both left and right handed knitting and crochet. Or at least about combining the two.

What follows are a few links that will help…

http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963 both left and right handed crochet

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v00r6CJs48o left handed knitting

http://www.anniescatalog.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=554 left handed crochet tips

http://www.redheart.com/learn/videos/learn-basic-left-handed-crochet left handed crochet tips and videos

http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/FEATmirror.html Knitty post about left handed knitting

My ideas on left and right handed knitting and crochet…

Do what works for you.

Try both, see what works best.

There are applications that make ambidextrous work an ideal.

When getting started, just doing the stitch is a beginning, don’t expect speed or accuracy in the beginning.

Work with yarn that has a bit of “forgiveness” built in. 

Practise Practise Practise No project is done instantly.

You aren’t a machine, you will make mistakes.

I also am going to talk about making do with what you have.

   In our lives there are times where the finances will just not stretch to meet your needs. My husband and I are currently going through one of those periods. This bill is due, that repair is needed.. and many other issues have come upon us. 

   As a knitter and crocheter, I’m truly at the point where I have made my last yarn purchase for 2012. Financially, it’s just not going to happen anymore. So in talking about working with what you have, I’m not just talking about the yarn stash, I’m talking about every area of our lives.

    I was in a conversation with one of my friends the other day, where I was invited out for coffee. I honestly said that I would have to consult my budget. There is no money in my budget for coffee house trips anymore, but my friend bought me a cup of coffee and we shared a piece of chessecake. I’m not ashamed to be broke, but I am ashamed that my friend had to buy me coffee for the company. 

   In knitting and crochet, I’m to the point where if the yarn isn’t in my stash, and I’m including frogable ufo’s and finished objects in this list, then it’s not going to happen. I’ve been taking a long hard look at my clothes, and of those that don’t fit anymore, I’m considering converting them into recycleables, either for the fabric and or the yarn.

   For knitting and crochet tools and accessories, I’m looking at what I have, and weighing what I can and will use. If I need a new tool, it’s to the point of “can I make it myself?” or “Can I live without it?” or “Can I do the same thing with something I already have?” Thinking in this manner has caused me to ask a friend for her leftover milk jugs. ;o)

The price of groceries is definitely going up. The same amount of money I spent last fall on 2 or even 3 weeks of food, is now going towards one week of food. I expected this, and thought I’d planned ahead enough, but the drought took our garden this year. So, I’m looking into other resources there as well. It’s going to be a rough winter. I’m going to be using my knitting and crochet for what they were traditionally meant to be. To keep me and my family warm this year.

Have a listen, and tell me what you think.

That’s all for now,

Check out this episode

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