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Hello all, and Good Afternoon.
It’s been a hellish pain weekend so far. I really am looking forward to tomorrow’s pretzel bender appointment. Hopefully, Dr Jake can get my neck and shoulder feeling a bit better. I’m getting very frustrated from taking all these pain pills. I can tell that my brain is slower, and while I am sleeping better, it’s not good. I personally think of using pain pills as similar to using a fire-hose at full strength to clean the bathroom. The pills take over the whole body, not just the area that hurts. The mental side-effects really suck, and I can tell that I am being affected. I can’t control my mind as well on pain medication as I can otherwise. Yet, the pain pills only are marginally better than the pain itself. I’m caught between pain and stupidity, and I don’t like it.

I’ve made slow progress in knitting and crochet. My computer problems took up most of my time the other day. Yuck. I did have fun, and my computer guru and his son are great people. I spent the evening with them and their family. There were many kids, ages 13 to a couple of months old. Very good people, they are. I enjoyed my time with them so much, that I felt Happy for the hours I was with them. Through them, I got the idea for Saturday’s podcast this weekend.

I called and wished my friend a Happy Birthday today, and I hope that I can get her gift done in time before I see her tomorrow. I’ve got to get back to work, but I also wanted to yak with you today. I also need to get the pattern written out here, and that is going to be a bit yet. I have maybe 4 hours work left on the purse, so I’m hoping that by tonight, I can get the pattern written and uploaded. I’m thinking of making it a downloadable pdf. But, I haven’t had breakfast yet, so I need to get cracking on that.

Beamer, my dog went for a solo walk-about… He slipped his collar this morning, and rather than run after him, (an impossibility) I decided to wait for him to come home. He’s napping in the bathroom currently. I don’t know whether to tell my husband, as he would go ballistic. I don’t need that stress today, so I’m thinking of letting it alone for the moment.

Anyhow, I’ve got to get back to work, the hubs is upstairs sleeping, so I can get the most done while he is upstairs, and I’m down here. I’ve got to get the van unloaded today, and organized for the next few days.

Hugs and such,

Louise Ann Benjamin

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